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Exclusion and mean girls

So, opinions needed. Ciera goes outside to play, always in my eyesight and hearing, and most of the kids around this complex plays with her. Then you have the mean girl set, which is about 5 girls, and they are the only girls other than Ciera we have around here. So, I have noticed that if Ciera tries to play with them, they exclude her, and she goes and sits a couple of feet away, just staring at them. She wants to be a part of the girls so bad. Now, I really don’t want her playing with kids like this, just so you know, that what I did next was not because I want her to be included, but to teach the kids a lesson. So, today, the girls were playing with water balloons and water guns. Ciera tried to play with them, and they all trooped over, knocked on the door, looked at Geoff, who was opened the door, and said, Ciera is being sassy, and we don’t want to play with her. So, I went out and watched, and they were happy to play with the couple of things that she brought out, but they were still not playing with her, they seemed more like they were making fun of her, and I wasn’t close enough to hear all of it, but I could see Ciera fighting back. So, I called her in to the house, and told her I would have a surprise for her in a little bit. I went out on the back porch, and I set up the sprinkler. Ciera and Aiden played in it for about 5 minutes before these kids came over and started to play. When Ciera told them they could play with her, she thought they would also share their toys. She started playing with some pink water guns one of the girls dropped on the grass in order to play in the sprinkler. The girl saw here, and said, MINE, and grabbed them out of her hands. I looked at the little girls and said, you cannot play in our sprinkler. You refuse to play with Ciera when she tries to play with you, and you tell her always that she cannot play with you. So, you are not allowed to decide you want to play with her because she has something neat, like a sprinkler. If you don’t want to play with her when she doesn’t have a sprinkler, you don’t get to play with her just because she does.

This is already tl;dr, but I am finishing it. So, the mom called out from her porch, hey, can the kids play in the sprinkler, and I said no, they can’t. She looked at me in shock, and I told her I would come talk to her. So, I went up there, explained it all and her friend kept saying, no, I have never heard the kids be mean to here, I have never seen any of this happening, and I was like, seriously? They came and tattled on her for being sassy and said they wouldn’t play with her.

So, the sprinkler thing. I am hoping it taught the kids at least a little about excluding others and how it felt. How would you have handled it?

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