No Longer Broken – Maybe?

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Too soon?

I have jumped back into the dating scene with both feet.  It…  is a scary prospect, but fun at the same time.  Now, I am a silly girl who hates to go out into public and so therefore i spend all of my time online.  Well, one of my favorite places to spend online is this online game, its completely text based, its fun, well, its called a MUD.  If you are curious, there is a ton of information on them on wiki.

So, I have been escaping there since the miscarriage, and talking to people, and I really think that part of the reason I was able to leave the ex-husband was the support I got from these people in my day to day loves.  Now, I got really into this, not to the point that I neglected my children, just to the point that I had created a life on there, with friends and whatnot.  I even have a spouse.  Ok, he is my 4th.  I don’t do well in marriage apparently.

So, anyhow, it has been a great place to escape, but then, and this is the funny part, on occasion I had to escape my alternate reality and one way I did it was to create a new character.  See, I was in the middle of a ton of drama on my regular character and I needed to escape.  Have I lost you yet?  No?  Ok, good.

So, I was on my alternate character, just hanging about, doing things, well, doing them better than someone of my tiny size should be doing them, and it was simply because I already knew the game.  Well, there was someone who talked to me, who never would have talked to my regular character, because I am part of a clan, and they were part of a hostile clan against me, so again, this person would have never talked to me at all.  So anyhow, they made a snarky comment to me, I made one back, and this led to a huge conversation.

Well, one thing led to another, and now we are spending 8-9 hours a day talking on skype.  Not only that, but we are video talking on skype and really enjoying each others company, and he talks to the kids, and it has been fantastic.  He has a job, no kids, no ex wife, nothing that makes issues.  He is the perfect guy.  One problem.  He lives in England.  Yeah, that is a huge problem.  Well, its been nice because we are able to skype for hours, as I get up as he is getting off work, and then we talk until his bedtime.

Anyhow, so…  he has looked into flights, and it looks like he should be coming here for a holiday in October.  For like a bit over 3 weeks.  And if everything goes well, then he is going to talk to my stepfather and see about getting his green card and living here.  He will be talking to my stepfather because they are int eh same business.  Anyhow, its…  I like him, alot.  And he is fantastic.

So, that is what is going on with me.  Thoughts???