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on June 16, 2012

He admitted it happened.  They talked about having a baby, moving in together.  I feel ill.  It happened on my couch, in my car, on the front lawn of my apartment complex.  All directly under my nose.  I confronted her about it, all she cared about was if I was going to tell the family.

He admitted it because he ended it, and she threatened to tell.

I feel sick.  He has cheated before, so many times.  This time…  it was family.  That is wrong, in so many ways.


3 responses to “Falling

  1. Sage says:

    Oh honey! *hug*

  2. Cibele says:

    I am sorry. Ive been cheated on. before.. right under my nose… thought it was not my family, but still painful. HUGS

  3. Melissa Ollie Drab says:

    I am so sorry Kris. A million hugs to you, though it doesn’t seem enough. I hate that you are going through this.

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