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on April 29, 2012

My aunt died yesterday.  It was the 17 year anniversary of my grandmother, her mothers, death.  The day before, was her birthday.  She turned 45.  Lung cancer killed her.  It was not caught early, at all, and it had moved to her brain, her adrenal glands, her liver.  Through chemo and radiation, the tumors just kept getting bigger.  I am glad she is out of pain.  She survived 6 months after she found out.  She died peacefully, in her sleep.

She is survived by her 19 year old daughter and her 15 year old son.  Her daughter has aspergers, and she has not made it to a point where she can live by herself, so my other aunt will take both children. 

I am going between numbness and crying.


One response to “Sorrow

  1. Julie B says:

    Kris, so sorry to hear about your Aunt. Lost my sister and her husband three months apart from lung cancer and my mom within 11 months cancer. Mom only lasted 7 weeks. Its hard….You are in my thoughts!!

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