No Longer Broken – Maybe?

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Still here

I’m still here.  Not much to report on to be honest.  For some reason, each month since the miscarriage, I have had my period 5 or so days early each month than the previous month.  At this point there is a 3 week or less time period here that I am cycling in.

I had hoped to not go back into the charting, and the stressing, and the watching everything.  Silly me, I just wanted to have sex and get pregnant.  Like I did when I got pregnant with my daughter.  Even if it was more of an oops.  It was a good oops once I dealt with the emotions of it.

I don’t know.  Sometimes I wonder if I am even making a good decision trying for a third.  Will it take too much time away from the 2 I have already?  Am I asking for too much?  And even with all that, there is the fact that I don’t feel done.  I don’t feel like I am ready to be done.

If I am not pregnant next month, and my period continues this coming earlier and earlier thing, I will be calling in to the doctor again.  Might want to anyhow, with the fact that my cramps are 100x worse than they ever were as well.


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